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10 main questions you should ask your potential web developer

10 main questions you should ask your potential web developer

Website development getting more sophisticated every day and it is getting challenging to select the right company to develop your website. All vendors try to present their services at their best ability by creating great portfolios, maintaining good ratings, and appealing offers to catch buyers attention and to get the first call. Most of the time you as a buyer is confused by a variety of offers and options. How to determine which one of them will eventually become your marketing partner, who will take your online presence to a new level?

Hiring a web development vendor might be similar to job recruiting with an interview, portfolio review and reference check. It is important that a web development company should understand your brand, your mission, and your market message.

However, selecting the right fit for your project will depend on the information you`ll gain from the company and how you understand their level of expertise. Here are some 10 critical questions to ask any web development company before start working with them:


1. Which platform my website will be built on?


To understand the platform your platform will be built on, it is the first and the most important question. Will, your website be built using an exciting SMS or SMS that will be custom built for you? Keep in mind that the price difference and website functionality will be defined by one of those website platforms. The Coder offers a website built on any platform on your choice or custom built platform depending on your needs and goals (WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Wix). We also offer free services of suggesting and identifying the right platform specifically focused on your online presence goal and mission for the website.


2. Is it custom created design or will you be using pre-made templates?


The design is what makes your website unique and what helps you to create a brand image. Pre-made templates might be repetitive for numbers of businesses which can affect your brand image and reputation. We would suggest before starting working with vendors make sure they have an in-house designer whose job will be dedicated to your particular project and unique needs of your business and brand.


3. How long will it take to create the website?


According to different resources, website building should take 12 -14 weeks from start to finish. Some of the more complex projects might take more than 6 months. Need it faster? The Coder offers his customers fast and quality services, our team can build custom built websites for as long as one week from the start to website launching.


4. Can you create a logo for my website?


Most vendors offer logo design for your business as a part of their project quote or for some additional fee. On this stage, we would recommend checking their logo portfolios and asking about their experience in this area. Checking reference and their previous works give you a clearer picture of how well the style of the logo matches the business market message and how well the logo establishes brand identity.


6. How do you price your services?


The pricing structure of web design varies, vendors might charge buyers for a completed project or hourly. Price should be based on experience, expertise, and scope of the project. The Coder offers a clear and simple pricing strategy of project-based pricing. The whole project is discussed in the smallest details and the final price is discussed more by before the project even starts.


7. Where would you take pictures and animations for my website?


To avoid any issues with copywriting laws, make sure to check the resource of your pictures and animation. As a website owner, you would like to make sure your content was received from the original source and with agreement from the owner.


8. Will my website be mobile and tablet friendly?


According to the TechCrunch article, 51.2% of all online traffic is generated by mobile users and to make sure your website is mobile friendly might be vital to your business. Every Website built at the Coder is compatible with every device you have: mobile, flat-screen TV, Table or Laptop. OUt team is dedicated to cover your customer base regardless of their location and device.


9. Check who will own the rights to the website after completion of the project?


Before signing the contract please make sure you have key access to the website code which will give you full authority to the website and guarantee you full control over the project. Regardless


10. Make sure a vendor offers maintenance and support of the website


Lastly, it is a very important part of the negotiation process is the price for maintenance and support is acceptable and affordable to you. We would suggest signing a contract only when maintenance fees are discussed and agreed on affordable terms for you. There is a potential risk of very high maintenance prices if not discussed prior to a project.


All of these questions will help you to be in charge of a website building project, to stay in charge and to make sure you are getting the most of your money. Knowing how website building might be intimidation for you, our team at The Coder is devoted to creating an enjoyable and easy experience for you by creating transparent price policy and professional 24 hours support to answers all your questions. While we`ll be honored to build a great website for you, it is important to find the best fit for your needs and ideas.
If you are interested in our services and would like to talk more about your potential product, please, feel free to reach out!