20 Portfolio Websites To Find Inspiration and Fresh Ideas

20 Portfolio Websites To Find Inspiration and Fresh Ideas

We have collected our favorite portfolio websites to help you find inspiration. Check them out before you decide what kind of a personal page will better present you online. These web resources belong to people of different professions, so you should find something close to your heart.

1. rleonardi.com

Rleonardi SiteIn case you want to know how to make a portfolio that surprises and strikes with its colors, take a look at this page. The portfolio website of Robby Leonardy presents his works and in detail describes all his skills in design-related fields. Seems like such a portfolio website is a great option for artists and other creative professionals.

2. dominic.bz

Dominic SiteThis online portfolio of Dominic Berzins is full of colors and has unusual navigation. Also, the personal website perfectly highlights the core specialization of this freelancer and definitely deserves the best portfolio websites award.

3. mathieulevesque.com

Mathieulevesque SiteLike most portfolio sites of filmmakers and photographers, this one also includes a lot of quality images and videos. Such portfolio examples may be interesting to those who create visual content.

4. humbertpoyet.com

Humbertpoyet SiteHumbert&Poyet is an architectural design studio with an elegant personal website that reflects their approach to work and design preferences. In case you need a web design for your architectural portfolio, check out this page. It’s really nice.

5. studioschurk.nl


In fact, it’s no surprise that most animation and illustration studios have unique and creative portfolio websites. Well, they need to convince the target audience that their portfolio examples are really eye-catching.

6. legworkstudio.com

Legworkstudio SiteLegwork studio uses two videos featuring their animation and interactive cases. Above all, such a solution may be effective if you work with visual content and don’t want to overload your personal website with text.

7. ensembliers.com

Ensembliers SiteGo to a separate Projects page of this portfolio website to view numerous designs created by this studio. Here you will see a variety of projects in different styles. In general, this page is a great source of website design inspiration for interior designers and architects.

8. karimrashid.com

Karimrashid SiteKarim Rashid is another creative designer in our list of 20 portfolio websites. This page is all about his works and includes several hundreds of projects. Amazing, isn’t it? Also, it is worth noting that this web design fully matches the style of Karim’s works.

9. marianopascual.me

Marianopascual SiteIf we gave the best portfolio websites award, this page would be very likely to receive it. Why? First of all, the online portfolio of Mariano Pascual is very colorful and interactive. It attracts users and makes them check every section and element.

10. archerstudio.co

Archerstudio SiteThe owner of this online portfolio, Kristyna Archer, states that she likes unusual marketing solutions. Moreover, she seems to have fun with photography and video. It looks like such portfolio websites are suitable for freelancers who have already found their niche and are not afraid to experiment.

11. agneslloydplatt.com

Agneslloydplatt SiteThe web resource of this fashion photographer has a very uncommon solution. Once you visit the Projects section, you can sort the cases by color or type. As a result, website visitors can find what might interest them much faster.

12. annamorosini.it

Annamorosini SiteWebsite design inspiration quite often resides on portfolio websites owned by photographers. In addition to great navigation and web design, the personal website of Anna Morosini also excites with nice color combinations and images. Besides, the black-white background looks very stylish.

13. 5erue.com


Most of our online portfolio examples are very colorful and eye-catching, but this one is absolutely different. The portfolio website of 5e Rue surprises with its simple three-color combination and elegant animation. A nice option for those who like minimalism.

14. phoenix.cool

Phoenix SiteThis web portfolio displays the selection of projects on the home page. This immediately grasps the attention of website visitors. Also, it encourages them to continue navigation.

15. bearideas.fr

Bearideas SiteHere is another web resource of a brand agency in our list of portfolio websites. Bearideas greets its visitors this an unexpected but absolutely adorable question. After answering, you can continue browsing to view their cases.

16. aaronporter.co

aaron porter SiteAaron Porter has decided to meet the visitors of his website portfolio personally. It looks like such a solution is a great option if you want to make your name more memorable.

17. maxxhat.com

maxx hat SiteWe have been mesmerized by personal portfolio websites of filmmakers. They almost always include colorful videos and exciting video content. The page of Maxx Hat is not an exception. Here you can both find web design inspiration and enjoy watching great videos.

18. jeffangellmakeup.com

jeffangellmakeup SiteEvery makeup artist would probably dream of such a personal portfolio. Fell Angell has it. The page is interactive and elegant at the same time. Hence, art lovers will definitely enjoy it.

19. carpentersworkshopgallery.com

carpentersworkshopgallery SiteThis page unites portfolio examples of several artists that have exhibited their works in the Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Such web resources can be used by artists who want to present their projects online but aren’t ready for their personal portfolio sites.

20. vspicer.com

vspicer SiteFinally, our list of portfolio websites is about to end. Victoria Spicer adds a bunch of her creative projects to a separate section. Here you can scroll down to view all the available cases and enjoy her style.

We hope that this selection has helped you to decide what kind of portfolio website you need. Contact us should you need any assistance with web development and design.

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