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We offer:

  • Detailed monthly PPC management reports
  • One-on-one meetings to review performance
  • Ecommerce-focused PPC strategies that drive traffic and sales

Create Google Search Ads That Get Results

Paid Google search ads are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and awareness to your brand. It’s also one of the most competitive, making it more difficult to stand out. If you don’t have a defined strategy, you can waste a lot of money until you get it right.

Instead, partner with an agency that has the expertise and knowledge you need to get long-term results in the most efficient way possible. As an industry-leading paid search agency, our goal and passion is generating maximum ROI for our clients.

Whether you’re new to paid search ads or you’re busy running the day-to-day operations, leave your Google search ad campaigns to us to get the most out of your marketing spend.


How Much Do You Waste on the Wrong Campaigns?

On average, 50% of ad spend is wasted, sapping your marketing budget before you can see the benefits of your campaigns. With our audits, you can identify gaps in your strategy, fix them, and get the results you want.

With our technology and experience, we have the formula to drive efficiency and growth to your Google ad campaigns.

Our Google Ads

Universal App Campaign

Automated ads in Google ads that help you generate more app installs or in-app conversions.

We offer:

  • App installs
  • App engagement
  • App pre-registration

Google Display Ads

Ads that are shown on articles, videos, or websites that consumers browse.

We offer both:

  • Placement Ads
  • Remarketing Ads

Google Search Ads

Ads that display on the search engine results pages.

We offer:

  • All features
  • Dynamic search
  • Call only
  • Mobile app installation

YouTube Ads

Ads that play before or run next to YouTube videos to connect with viewers.

We offer:

  • Skip ads
  • Non-skip ads
  • Overlay banners

Google Shopping Ads

Ads that show a photo of the product with a title, price, brand name, and more.

We offer ads promotion for your product from the Google Merchant Center

Benefits of Google Ads

Google Ads gives you an opportunity to show your ads to the right people on the right channel at the right time. You’ll target the people who are most likely to be interested in your products and services while filtering out those who aren’t, all on multiple devices.

Quick and Simple Launch

Testing and Analytics

Full Creative Control

Measurable Results

Cost Control (Pay Only for Clicks)

Targeted Traffic

Remarketing or Retargeting

Geo-Targeting and Scheduling

Complete Campaign Management

Full Optimization Every Step of the Way

The only way to tell if your campaigns are successful is with testing and analysis. We evaluate every aspect of your campaign and rigorously optimize from start to finish.


Driving visitors to your site is useless if they’re not going to your target customer. Our holistic approach to campaign management ensures that you not only increase traffic to your site, but get the quality traffic you want.

Our PPC Process

keyword analysis
Landing page rewiew
Campaign & ad group creation
Phone call tracing
campaign monitoring
add new keywords
negatiwe keyword filter
bidding adjustment

The Results Speak for Themselves

Our Google Ads Approach

At The Coder Digital Agency, we combine analytical thinking with creative problem-solving and best practices to help brands elevate their marketing campaign and boost performance.

We know search trends inside and out, but more importantly, we know how quickly you can waste your whole budget with nothing to show for it. After years of working on campaigns and tweaking ads, we know how to create ads that generate results.

Our Recent Successes

The Coder team will design a brand collateral described in the brief with the details below. Additionally, we will develop a unique multiple page website hosted on WordPress CMS with the access to the admin panel, so you can modify the content yourself. The website will be bilingual in English and German languages.

The Coder team will design a brand collateral described in the brief with the details below. Additionally, we will develop a unique multiple page website hosted on WordPress CMS with the access to the admin panel, so you can modify the content yourself. The website will be bilingual in English and German languages.


What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising solution that can be used to promote your products and services on Google Search, YouTube, and other sites. Advertisers can customize budgets and targeting, choose goals, and start and stop ads at any time.

Where and When Do Google Ads Appear?

Ads appear as small advertisements on the right side of the page or above the search results, as well as on partner websites.

The ads will appear when prospects click on the keywords in the campaign. Each keyword has a price associated with its popularity, so each time an ad is clicked on, you pay a per-click price range for it. The position of your ads depends on how much you’re willing to pay per click and the total score of the ad, which considers the quality of the ad, the cost-per-click, and the landing page.

What Keywords Should I Use?

Identifying which keywords work best for your industry is vital to having a successful PPC campaign. As experts in search trends and Google paid search campaigns, we can leverage our experience and tools to identify the most cost-effective keywords for your business and test our results.

What Does Pay-Per-Click Cost?

The final cost of pay-per-click depends on your budget and how much you choose to pay for each ad clicked on the publisher’s site. There are other factors that go into the cost as well, such as your industry, strategy, and goals. The possibilities are virtually endless, which is how you can spend your entire budget on the wrong campaign.

It’s best to begin with a small daily budget until you see what works for your campaigns. Most businesses start with $10 per day or less. But if you want to maximize your spend with expert guidance, working with an agency saves you a lot of expensive trial and error.

What’s the Difference Between PPC and SEO?

The primary difference between PPC and SEO is that the traffic coming to the site from PPC is paid, while the traffic coming from SEO is organic (free). Both PPC and SEO are essential for increasing website traffic.

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