10 Great WordPress Website Examples I The Coder

10 Great WordPress Website Examples I The Coder

Although there are numerous manuals for creating WordPress websites, WordPress web development is much more difficult than you think.

WordPress functionality is very broad and for a non-professional web developer, it may be hard to make the most of it. If you have tried to create a WordPress website on your own, you already know that.

Professional web design isn’t only about a web page that lists all your services, benefits, pricing, and other relevant information. It’s also about delicate taste, balanced layout, convenient navigation, and usability. Therefore, you’ll either need to hire a WordPress website design company or perform an independent web design research. Such preparation will allow you to get inspiration and understand what web design solutions you like.

Based on the recent statistics, 34% of all web resources are powered by WordPress with 20% of self-hosted websites. Moreover, this content management system is used by such big names as the Walt Disney Company, Toyota, Vogue, CNN, and others. In fact, WordPress web pages amount to 14.7% of the top world’s websites.

So if you want to join the WordPress community but aren’t sure where to start, go through our WordPress website examples. As a result, you’ll get acquainted with different types of websites and have a better idea of WordPress capabilities.

WordPress Website Examples That Deserve To Be Noticed

Above all, this selection of WordPress website examples isn’t a list of top WordPress websites. Therefore, it includes the web resources of famous brands and other web design solutions we’ve found interesting. They should help you realize whether a WordPress website is what you need. Note that more complex web design usually requires custom services provided by a professional web development agency.

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1. Academy of Achievement

This web resource belongs to an NGO called The American Academy of Achievement. Founded in 1961 by a Life magazine photographer, it unites young people and real-life heroes interested in mentorship. Consequently, an inspirational spirit is preserved on its official web page.

What’s good about this WordPress website:

  • Nice background themes with inspirational quotations immediately hint about the main message of this website.
  • The resource is easy to navigate with clear sections providing access to the necessary information.
  • The collapsing navigation menu and interactive background make it more interesting and engaging.

2. Vogue

The brand name of Vogue doesn’t need an additional presentation or introduction. Although they aren’t likely to have issues with the website development budget, they choose a simple but elegant WordPress website. Fashion lovers will certainly enjoy this resource.

What’s good about this WordPress website:

  • A burger menu that lists all website sections and simplifies the navigation. Users don’t need to scroll to the website footer to check Contact information, Careers, etc.
  • Quick access to social media to boost multi-channel marketing and turn users into subscribers.
  • Branded elements in the Vogue style show broad WordPress customization functionality.

3. Nomadic Matt

This position in our WordPress website examples may be useful to those who need an information portal. Nomadic Matt is run by an experienced traveler who has decided to share his tips.

What’s good about this WordPress website:

  • With easy to notice search bars, you can promptly find information about a destination you are interested in.
  • A subscription form is an effective solution to collect leads and obtain user contact information.
  • Shopping cart functionality extends the monetization options.

4. Aji Limo

Many excellent WordPress site examples we have come across are restaurant websites. They need to care about a nice picture, provide online booking, and be cost-effective at the same time. Aji Limo combines all these features on its landing page.

What’s good about this WordPress website:

  • Just the right amount of information to provide the most important details without overburdening a user.
  • A variety of quick-access buttons ensure a seamless reservation and navigation process.
  • Uniform design hints that this page was created by a professional WordPress website design company that had previously selected color schemes and designed branding.

5. Archer Studio

This website was already featured in our Top 20 Portfolio Websites. Kristyna Archer, a photographer, and director, used the WordPress functionality to present her creativity online.

What’s good about this WordPress website:

  • The white background looks great with colorful static and video works of the artist.
  • A bunch of cursor sensitive animations makes the navigation more interactive and engaging.
  • A website layout with numerous photos on the main page is a perfect solution for any photographer’s website.

6. Ukraїner

Since WordPress websites are more cost-effective than custom web development, there is no wonder they are popular for social projects. If it’s your case, visit this page from our WordPress website examples. The Ukraїner is a media resource telling unique stories of local people residing in different areas of Ukraine.

What’s good about this WordPress website:

  • Multi-language content. The Ukraїner is all about information and story-telling, therefore, it’s great that the language switching functionality is immediately noticeable.
  • A timeline using which you can select the exact date of article publication. It significantly simplifies the navigation for loyal subscribers.

7. Joanne Rowling

As one of the most famous writers of modern times, Joanne Rowling definitely deserves her personal website. Here her fans can find all publications and news related to the writer. Those who are looking for nice WordPress website examples will also find it useful.

What’s good about this WordPress website:

  • The background that shows various writer’s stuff allows fans to peek into her life. You can use the broad customization functionality available in WordPress to create similar solutions.
  • Users can join Joanne Rowling’s Twitter account just by clicking its image on the home page. Pure magic, isn’t it?

8. The Sartorialist

Founded by Scott Schuman, this web resource is dedicated to fashion. Visit this page if you lack WordPress ideas for your personal blog or news website.

What’s good about this WordPress website:

  • Minimalist style is the most suitable option for web resources about style and fashion.
  • Advanced search that allows browsing photos by tags or keywords is a great option to find something specific.

9. The Next Web

The Next Web has everything a tech geek may dream about. Tech news, events, the latest funding rounds, and other relevant updates. Go to this page, to see WordPress examples that combine information sharing with online store functionality.

What’s good about this WordPress website:

  • The Latest Deals section forwards visitors to a separate TNW’s website selling online courses. It’s a great way to promote your online store through another web resource.
  • Pop-up functionality that activates based on the configured settings encourages users to provide their contact information.

10. The Crack Magazine

Crack Magazine has everything a true music fan needs. Check this page to understand how you can add the playback functionality to your web resource.

What’s good about this WordPress website:

  • Clear menu icons that immediately provide access to the most often used website sections.
  • Articles carousel on the main page with appealing photos.

Summary of WordPress website examples

We hope that these WordPress website examples have helped you understand what kind of a web resource you need. If you still have a question ‘Is WordPress good for your needs?’, don’t hesitate to contact The Coder for advice.

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