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Why is Custom Web Development Better Than Website Builders?

Why is Custom Web Development Better Than Website Builders?

Since online business is developing at a frantic pace, the number of websites is also constantly growing. This has created the demand for website builder software and led to the appearance of various website makers that help to create a web page without any professional experience and web design skills. Nevertheless, despite the availability of free website builders, custom web design still remains popular and valued. Why? Let’s clarify this.

Custom web development vs website builder software

First of all, we need to distinguish custom web design from website builders. This will help understand the key functionality of both options.


A website builder is a set of tools or software specifically developed to help users with no coding or design skills to create websites. You can select among various functions, templates, drag-and-drop blocks to build a basic web page. Such solutions help online entrepreneurs to cut costs and save time or are usually used by digital business beginners to enter the market.


Custom web development is all about unique and tailored solutions offered by professional web designers. These guys know how to create appealing and convenient web resources which stand out from the crowd and are really memorable. Web developers build websites from scratch ensuring their seamless operation. They can solve complex tasks and adapt the resource to strict demands and special requirements.


What are the key advantages of professional web design services compared to website builders?


For the sake of justice, it’s worth stating that DIY websites aren’t that bad and may be a great choice in many cases. Nevertheless, custom website development is usually a much better option. Here are its key advantages:


Increases user satisfaction

The modern web is oversaturated with websites creating fierce competition for user attention. Even the best website builder offers a limited set of templates and functionality which often fails to meet the needs of users. You will have to adapt and choose from what is already available. Luckily, custom website design still exists. Professional web design services allow you to develop an interesting and easy to use website that will increase user satisfaction with great navigation and unusual solutions.


Allows you to materialize your ideas

If you have a clear vision of how your website must look like, well, a website maker may not be what you need. Only professional web designers will be able to implement all your ideas, discussing everything and changing your web resource in the development process. Therefore, if you expect a tailored solution, you will need professional help.


Distinguishes your website

Users are often tired of similar designs and wait for something really special that can surprise and engage them. Usually, only unique websites can take the lead. Thus, if you want to differentiate your web page from other resources, don’t hesitate to use custom web development.


Offers broader functionality

Those who expected website builder software to be almighty must prepare for another disappointment. Such software isn’t the best choice for advanced backend functionality or tailored features. Evaluate your expectations before you decide to use ready-made templates, since it may turn out that they cannot satisfy your needs. In some cases, only professional developers can design the necessary functionality.


Provides professional support

In addition to tailored solutions, professional design services have another significant advantage. Whereas using a website builder you rely on your own limited expertise, cooperating with web professionals you get access to their advanced knowledge and experience. The professional advice is a valuable asset that shouldn’t be neglected. With custom web design you may be sure that your future website will be really effective and adapted to user needs.


Ensures better technical characteristics and code editing

Finally, you must think about the technical side of website design. In case you need a simple website and don’t plan any significant changes, you may just choose a nice website builder. Yet be prepared that you won’t be able to export or edit codes and will always be bound to using the same platform. If you need more freedom and expect business growth, DIY attempts will never substitute professional website development.


Website builders and custom web development: Who needs them?

As you may have already understood from the listed advantages, custom web design is more suitable for large online businesses or those who want to have tailored and unique solutions. These are the people who expect to increase their profit and are ready to invest. On the other hand, website builders will become a great choice for users who want to share their hobby online, bloggers, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.
Everything depends on your plans and expectations. In case you need any advice or cannot decide what is best for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.