Brands created emotional connections with their customers and our team knows how to build those connections by developing relevant:

Logos and visual identity
Style guides
Brand collateral

Logo and Visual Identity

How The Coder helps your business to create high-quality Visual Identity?

How The Coder helps your business to create high-quality Visual Identity? As a web-development company, The Coder takes branding very seriously and we are committed to create Visual Identity that will be able to tell your unique story and communicate your values to the customers instantly.

To understand your story and how your want to represent your brand visually - The Coder invest time and resources in understanding your brand, your company mission and core values. In addition to the thorough research, The Coder will require your constant feedback and involvement in the process. We deliver 10-15 logo samples to get a glimpse on the vision and to be able to plan and to create logo concept and design accordingly.

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case study


Bsline Case Study Summary

Branding, web design & web development


Modern logo design for a logistics and transportation company

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Style Guides

What is the Style Guides?

Style Guide is Creating a simple booklet that lists the specific colors, type, logos, imagery, patterns, taglines, etc. of a business makes sure the brand machine runs smoothly.

Why The Coder does Style Guides?

Talented team of designers at The Coder ensures that style guide is more than a simple booklet, but more sophisticated guide to the nuances and details of brand representation. We invest our time and energy in making sure that your style guide provides all necessary instructions and options for different contributors in your company to be able to maintain brand consistency.

case study

Concierge Catering Case Study Summary



Logo design and brand book development for the SF Bay Area catering company

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Brand Collateral

Brand Collateral is the collection of materials, products and media used to promote your business and support awareness.

Why invest in brand collateral?

Branding collateral - pamphlets, adverts, brochures, banners and more - to reach your target audience and deliver your story in a visually appealing, easy to digest format. Brand Collateral ensures that every piece of information received by your audices is supported by brand identity.

Why order Brand Collateral at The Coder?

By creating a high quality and 100% custom brand collateral - The Coder ensures that it helps maintains a strong brand, communicates competitive advantage competitive differentiation.

We work with
the following soft:

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

case study


Dama Case Study Summary

Branding, web design & web development


Logo design for an Indian Food Service Solutions company. Colors and elements are inspired by Indian culture

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