Ruslan Senyo

Project Manager

As the CEO, Ruslan believes that strong partnerships with his clients make a collaboration process enjoyable and leads to successful projects outcomes. He is dedicated to creating a high caliber team by finding the best talents and help them grow to their best abilities.Ruslan is certain that highly energetic professionals are capable of creating and delivering top-notch products. His never stopping desire to solve business problems with the help of web technologies resulted in delivering a number of projects for The Coder customers, optimizing business processes and successfully entering the mobile-first era of the Internet.


His motto is: ‘it does not matter what happens to you or your business, only what you do with it does.


Ruslan describes himself as passionate, focused on outcomes, and cold-minded person.

Fun fact:

Ruslan loves the ocean and wants to take an entire team for an island vacation.

Ruslan Senyo