Yura Hymenetskiy

Senior Back-end Developer

As a senior back-end developer at the Coder, Yura is responsible for server-side web application logic. Web-developing and programming is his life-long passion. He selected a programmer career path while being a high school student and his first websites were built and released during his early college years. He constantly stays updated on the latest innovations and trends in the industry. Yura loves to share tech news with his friends and colleagues and have discussions around those topics.

Yura is a hardworking and dedicated person. He is very demanding to himself and to the people around him, especially his team. TheCoder team says that this helps them to stay in “good shape”. Outside of work, Yura enjoys to reading sci-fi books, playing guitar, listening to music, playing and watching sports.

Fun fact:

Yura loves camping and hiking. To find himself in a challenging situation helps him to discover a whole new level of his capabilities.

Yura Hymenetskiy