Web development


As the world of technology evolves, so does the requirements for your website. The Coder team offers maintenance for your website as the separate ongoing service.

Content updates

Content updates

Let’s face it, there were times where you could not find a chance to make content updates yourself.
We are here for you!
Even bulk content update requests will be completed within 24 hours.

Website backups

Website backups

Weekly website backups to restore any previous versions if necessary.

Code and plugin upgrades

Code and plugin upgrades

Whether it is CMS or PHP framework, the environment needs to be updated regularly as well as plugins used.


Move websites to a new host with no down time

This does not happen often, but you have a piece of mind with us if you need to move your website.

Maintenance errors

Fix broken links, html errors, any website errors

Our tech specialists break down your website and code to see malfunctioning elements and fixing them. You will get a monthly report of discovered and repaired problems.

On-site technical SEO services

On-site technical SEO services

When people talk about SEO, vast majority seem to concentrate only on keywords, blogs, backlinks, etc. While this is crucial, one should never forget about the basics - your content will never be discovered unless the website structure is correct, the page speeds are above average, SSL certificate is installed, etc.

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