Nazar Kalinchuk

Senior Front-end Developer

Nazar wears multiple “hats” of being a senior web development and a team leader at the same time. He does not know what “impossible” means. Due to his commitment to solve the hardest development problems, designers love to work with him as it allows them to fully open the world of creativity without limitations. Many interactive transitions and animations were made possible thanks to Nazar’s skills. Nazar has over 10 years of web development experience.


During this time, he has actively participated in building over 80 websites and mastered HTML5, CSS3, SASS,LESS,Gulp, Webpack, ReactJS, Angular, Node.js. Nazar is creative, detail oriented and knows how to find common ground with anyone.

Fun fact:

He likes to joke as good mood is the key element to successful completion of any project.

Nazar Kalinchuk