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    Free Homepage Mockup
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    Free Homepage Mockup

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    Getting free homepage mockup is simple. All you need to do is provide general details of your project, we will let you know rough estimate and if it sounds reasonable, you will receive homepage mockup within 5 business days - no contracts or commitments.



    • HTML


    • Sass


    • PHP


    • Cake PHP

      Cake PHP

    • Laravel


    • React


    • React Native

      React Native

    • JS


    • Node JS

      Node JS

    • Python


    • WordPress


    • GitHub


    • Figma


    • Adobe XD

      Adobe XD

    • Adobe Illustrator

      Adobe Illustrator



    Small business


    • Up to 5 pages
    • Simple animation
    • CMS of your choice
    • Performance optimization
    • Advertising and SEO Strategy
    • Google Marketing Cloud integration




    • 10+ pages
    • Advanced animation
    • CMS of your choice
    • Performance optimization
    • Advertising & SEO Strategy
    • Google Marketing Cloud integration
    • Advanced integrations
    • Custom collection pages - blog, news, case studies, etc.




    • Product catalog
    • Custom filters
    • CMS of your choice
    • User account
    • Orders management system
    • Online payment
    • Advertising & SEO Strategy
    • Google Marketing Cloud integration
    • Google Merchant Center


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    • WOW animation
    • API integrations
    • MVP
    • Web portals
    • CRM systems
    • Special functionality


    How does The Coder determine web design costs?

    Neither websites nor their design costs are one-size-fits-all. Pricing is based on the features and functionalities you need for your specific project. As general guidance, if you are looking for a very simple 1-3 pages website with typical functionality, the cost will be around $7K. The corporate website with 5-10 pages that may include blog and custom integrations will start at $10K. Finally, if you are planning to operate an e-commerce - sell products and accept payments online, the starting cost will be $15K.

    What does The Coder include in web design costs?

    Our cost is based on the expert analysis of each and every aspect of your website. Our websites are designed with performance and search engine optimization in mind. This results in increased conversion whether it’s a form fill, phone call, registration or purchase.

    How does the web design process work?

    Once the agreement is signed, you will be assigned an account manager to manage and supervise your project and answer any questions along the way. First stage - design. One of our senior designers will work with you to create mockups of your pages beginning with the homepage. After a few revision rounds and approval of the design of the homepage, the process will repeat for secondary pages. Depending on the speed of feedback from the client, design of all pages can be completed within 3 weeks. Second stage - development. During this stage, the feedback loop is minimal because all elements of the website should be confirmed and the development team is working on coding all the pages. This stage should be completed within 2 weeks.

    How long does it take to complete a web design project?

    There are a few variables that contribute to the project completion timeline. Speed of feedback from the client and project size are the main factors. Relatively small projects with fast client feedback can be completed in as little as 3 weeks while more complex websites with custom functionality can take up to 3 months.

    How do I request a free homepage mockup?

    It is very simple - reach out to us by filling out the form below providing a little more details on the scope of your project. Once we have accurate information, we will let you know the estimate to complete your web design project. If the price sounds reasonable, we will deliver a homepage mockup within 5 business days with no contracts or commitments.

    Can The Coder update my existing website?

    Absolutely! Because technology advances so rapidly, it is essential that your website stays on top of industry trends and standards. To determine whether or not your website requires updates, consider how your website compares to that of your competitors - performance, user interface, conversion numbers, search engine rankings, etc.

    Will you maintain my website for me?

    Part of our services includes website updates and maintenance. With some web development companies, once your initial website is launched, you never hear from them again. Similar to combustion engine cars, your website may run for weeks or even months without any problems if you do not take care of it, but you never know when some plugin conflict occurs or PHP needs to be updated or overall security may be impacted. Therefore, The Coder team offers maintenance plans to ensure your website operates with no errors.

    Taras Melnychenko

    Co-Founder, CMO

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    Fill out the form and we will get in touch with you right away.